Our Equipment & Environment

Striving to reduce our carbon footprint

Our Equipment

Mill Creek is always looking to take advantage of new and improved technologies to minimize fuel consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. Shorter lease terms on tractors allow us to continually cycle our equipment and stay current with new technologies. Our equipment is well maintained in our own shop on site.

Volvo VNL

  • APU and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
  • Super Single Tires
  • 70" Sleeper
  • Fridge
  • Isaac tablet ELD

53' Dry Vans

  • Boat Tails and Side Skirts
  • Self-Inflating, Low Resistance Super Single Tires
  • Air Ride

SmartWay Certified!

As a proud SmartWay member, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint with fuel reduction initiatives such as modern aerodynamic tractors, automatic transmissions, trailer skirts, APUs (Auxiliary Power Units), DEF, target a maximum tractor age of three years or less, and speed governor program.

Our Equipment Features

Volvo VNL 760

5-Star Equipment